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Monday Jul 04, 2022

Welcome back to Fresno's original podcast, Flowing With Famous. 
This month we talk about the new Ragin Records in River Park and try to decide if this makes River Park cool and does it even deserve to have something like a cool record store?
Where have all the June Bugs gone?
Band Of The Episode: Sharks Of Dance.
We also talk about the return of Audra Mcdonald and get into a large Fresno dive-bar discussion.
Thank you for listening!
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(Occasional cussing alert!)
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Monday Sep 02, 2019

Feel that fall coming in... kinda! We wrap up another Fresno Summer with talk about the new Police Chief and Councilmember. Also, are there more businesses closing in Downtown Fresno than anywhere else, is it okay that Sudz In The City is not in our city, post Taco Truck Throwdown, the new Mad Duck NW is showing everyone how it's done and a lot more!
Band Of The Episode: Bill Clifton's Chicken & Whiskey Band.
CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: FlowingWithFamousSep19.mp3
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Josh's other podcast Aikido Discussed. Josh at the Fresno Bee and his bands: It'll Grow Back, Big Balls and the Strikingly Originals. 
Check Mike's blogs The Fresnan and Mikey Top Pour. Plus the podcasts Get Off My Podcast, The Perfect Pour and Dorktown.

Monday Feb 29, 2016

This episode of Flowing With Famous has been approved by the Fresno City Council for mixed use - whatever that's worth.
Yep, we have plenty of Fulton Mall talk (I guess this is the last time we can refer to it as the Fulton Mall).California's High Speed Rail is knows the way to San Jose and this could mean a big boom for Fresno.The Collegian calls Donald Trump "Hitler" and we say "If not them, who?!" Then Donald Munro responds.MUSIC BREAK: The Blue (aka Wild Blue Yonder).The Tower District has a lack of hipster problem, what can we do?Did you feel the earthquakes?We finish by "plugging" things up and we make an announcement about the show!CLICK TO LISTEN: FlowingWithFamous71.mp3
Hosted by Joshua Tehee and The Fresnan.
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Tuesday Dec 29, 2015

We say goodbye to 2015 as we choose some of our favorite stories from life in Fresno this past year. Best restaurant, news story, creative person...beer, ALL the things we think were interesting.Also, we take a look at what we expect to see in Fresno for 2016!Direct Download: FlowingAwayFrom2015.mp3KEY LINKS:Hosted by Joshua Tehee and The Fresnan.Show feed: Flowing With Famous.Flowing on: Twitter, Stitchers and iTunes.

Wednesday Sep 09, 2015

Spirited Fresno talk this week - it's always a good talk when we take a while to come back.We foundly talk up the re-birth of Storyland. Fresno also gets national with "Rib Guy" as we explore how is it that KMPH seems to get all these viral news stories.Plus, more from the Downtown Fresno Partnership, the Fresno Grizzlies are the Kings Of Baseball as Josh threw out the first pitch, new eatin' places on Shaw, is Tom Hanks really coming to Kerman High and a tribute to Fancisco Vargas.Band/Artist of the Episode is HALO The Human aka Pizza Halo.Listen and enjoy: FlowingWithFamousRibs.mp3
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Sunday May 31, 2015

The City Of Fresno rejected a bus banner ad last week and it sent us all to Twitter and Facebook to bitch...so you know we're going to talk about that on Flowing. We also cover a lot of retail closings and openings in Fresno (Asada burittos in Fashion Fair? Yes. That works). One of us also took a trip to Yosemite and will be taking YARTS next time, me thinks. All that and more Fresno talk plus Band Of The Episode: Whitey Morgan.Direct download: FlowingWithFamousParks.mp3------------------------------HOSTS: Joshua Tehee and Mikey Seay.FEED: http://flowingwithfamous.podbean.com/feed/LINKS: On Twitter, Stitcher and iTunes.

Monday May 18, 2015

Listen for these:A couple big Vons in Fresno are closing and Mikey cries. Manchester Center might be getting a makeover. New stuff at Fresno State. Are Fresno's parks being forgotten in Fresno's new budget? A William Saroyan hangout is closing. Fresno's Meet Me In Montauk is played. Is The Fresno Police Department really doing community outreach? Steve Brandau be acting crazy again.Alllll that Fresno and more on a new Flowing With Famous:DIRECT DOWNLOAD: ManchesterCenterRebootFWF.mp3------------------------------HOSTS: Joshua Tehee and Mikey Seay.FEED: http://flowingwithfamous.podbean.com/feed/LINKS: On Twitter, Stitcher and iTunes.

Monday Mar 23, 2015

It's been too long for our Fresno talk. Lets get it going now with:Fresno Famous is back in two different ways.Dave and Busters, yo!Foie Gras is in the Fresno area, should we protest?A movie called "Fresno" is out, is this a good thing?BANDS Of The Episode: Blaze and Sounds & Sciences.All of Fresno is gity over Classic Hip-Hop 105.5 and so are we.You can get a $15.00 cup of coffee on the Fulton Mall.Mikey has become a Troll?Plugging our Fresno-ness.DIRECT DOWNLOAD: FlowingWithFoieGras45.mp3(Or listen with player at bottom of post)HOSTS: Joshua Tehee and Mike Seay.LINKS: On iTunes and Stitcher and Twitter.

Monday Jan 26, 2015

The Silver Dollar has closed and KuppaJoe's is about to. We remember (or don't remember, as the case may be) those places with some creeper stories and wonder what will happen next. We play some music from the new Ray Appleton's band and The Sleepover Disaster. Also, is it OK that Walmart has opened at Blackstone & Ashlan? What cool stuff will open in Fresno? All this and more Fresness!Click the player at the bottom to listen or click here: SilverDollarFamous.mp3HOSTS: Joshua Tehee and Mikey SeayLINKS: Flowing With Famous is on iTunes and Stitcher - just search 'em up and subscribe. A nice iTunes review would be killer. We're also on Twitter! 

Monday Dec 22, 2014

Fresno did it. We've got our General Plan 2035 in place (no thanks to a certain Fresno Councilman *cough* BRANDAU). We recorded this moments after the General Plan was voted in, so obviously its a big topic this episode. Oh and you know we are going to talk about Brandau calling people pansies and speaking for big-lot-loving-Fresnans everywhere.We also play some Swimming In Paint and talk more Fresno. Thanks for listening! HOSTS: Joshua Tehee and Mike Seay.INFO: Floiwng on iTunes. Flowing on Twitter.CONTACT: thefresnan@gmail.comPlay it below:

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