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March 23, 2015  

Flowing With Famous Trolls: Flowing With Famous #R45

March 23, 2015


It's been too long for our Fresno talk. Lets get it going now with:

  • Fresno Famous is back in two different ways.
  • Dave and Busters, yo!
  • Foie Gras is in the Fresno area, should we protest?
  • A movie called "Fresno" is out, is this a good thing?
  • BANDS Of The Episode: Blaze and Sounds & Sciences.
  • All of Fresno is gity over Classic Hip-Hop 105.5 and so are we.
  • You can get a $15.00 cup of coffee on the Fulton Mall.
  • Mikey has become a Troll?
  • Plugging our Fresno-ness.
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HOSTS: Joshua Tehee and Mike Seay.

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