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Flowing With Andrew Janz

Monday Jan 06, 2020

Monday Jan 06, 2020

Hey, look at us. After 15 or so years we decided to go legit. Today with have Fresno Mayor Candidate, Andrew Janz, in the studio.
We ask him the Fresno things, he tells us his Fresno things. Most of the stuff a Flowing listener might want to do we hope you enjoy! 
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Monday Sep 02, 2019

Feel that fall coming in... kinda! We wrap up another Fresno Summer with talk about the new Police Chief and Councilmember. Also, are there more businesses closing in Downtown Fresno than anywhere else, is it okay that Sudz In The City is not in our city, post Taco Truck Throwdown, the new Mad Duck NW is showing everyone how it's done and a lot more!
Band Of The Episode: Bill Clifton's Chicken & Whiskey Band.
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Josh's other podcast Aikido Discussed. Josh at the Fresno Bee and his bands: It'll Grow Back, Big Balls and the Strikingly Originals. 
Check Mike's blogs The Fresnan and Mikey Top Pour. Plus the podcasts Get Off My Podcast, The Perfect Pour and Dorktown.

Monday Aug 06, 2018

We did it, Fresno! We lived through the 100-degree heat streak! Something to tell your Fresno Grandkids about... if we survive.
Also, Fresno parks, Tesla Motors in Fresno, a complete review of Taco Truck Throwdown, Devin Nunes, the music lineup for this year Fresno Fair and a whole lot more!
Band Of The Episode: Victor Sotelo (from Sparklejet) - an exclusive new song from Victor!
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Monday May 07, 2018

The big thing last month was the whole Randa Jarrar thing so we feel compelled to talk about that and we do.But don't worry, we can't help but talk about Downtown Fresno and parking, after that.
We also discuss how Neil Young almost took up "residency" in Fresno and how Downtown was not prepared for it, as he gave fans an exclusive not found anywhere else in the country. Mikey gets himself in some trouble on Twitter, there are some new restaurants and bars to check out and a lot more Fresno talk! Please have a listen!
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Photo: FresnoBee.com
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Monday Jun 06, 2016

This month of the show, we welcome the Fresno heat and discuss many Fresno things:
How about that Fulton Mall? You know we can't have an episode without a Fulton Street Mall talk. Right now everything is jacked up on Fulton and businesses are struggling, can they hold out until next year? Will the change in business on Fulton be dramatic, once it's completed.Fresno also became President hopeful central for a couple weeks there and we break down Bill's, Hilary's, Bernie's and Donald Trump's visits to town.The race to be Fresno's next Mayor is getting focused and we try to figure out if these guys will be good for Fresno.An old Fresno business changing over to sex shop and the city is trying to stop it.Full Circle continues with new owners.Darius Assemi and Granville seem to have issues with Ashley Swearengin and thinks Fresno should be Clovis.Also, we have a nice music break from Amoret!!
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Monday Feb 29, 2016

This episode of Flowing With Famous has been approved by the Fresno City Council for mixed use - whatever that's worth.
Yep, we have plenty of Fulton Mall talk (I guess this is the last time we can refer to it as the Fulton Mall).California's High Speed Rail is knows the way to San Jose and this could mean a big boom for Fresno.The Collegian calls Donald Trump "Hitler" and we say "If not them, who?!" Then Donald Munro responds.MUSIC BREAK: The Blue (aka Wild Blue Yonder).The Tower District has a lack of hipster problem, what can we do?Did you feel the earthquakes?We finish by "plugging" things up and we make an announcement about the show!CLICK TO LISTEN: FlowingWithFamous71.mp3
Hosted by Joshua Tehee and The Fresnan.
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Thursday Oct 22, 2015

The Zoo's new African Adventure has opened to Fresnans and it is definitely a gem for Fresno. But its not without some controversy and we talk about all the good and bad.Councilman, Clint Olivier, has six ways to battle Fresno vagrants and we break down all six.Plus we play some Tokyo Death March, talk about the Spanspek Festival and try to figure out if we should care about the whole FUSD and Harris Construction thingamajig.Don't forget to check out Reid May on Wednesdays at 9AM on wgmuradio.com.Direct Download: FWFresnoVagrants.mp3KEY LINKS Hosts: Joshua Tehee and The Fresnan. Show feed: Flowing With Famous.Flowing on Twitter, on iTunes and Stitcher.

Monday Jul 13, 2015

We think about Fresno stuff all the time. Here is where we record our thoughts. It's a new Flowing With Famous. We have totally been thinking about stuff like this:The Fresno Police have a new toy to work with and it calls the shots.All the new retail and beer stuff in Fresno.Music happenings.What's got blowed up in Fresno on the 4th of July.Fresno is pretty sorta decent at being friendly to beards.Click to listen: ShotCallerFamous.mp3KEY LINKS:-Music break by It'll Grow Back.-Hosted by Joshua Tehee and Mikey Seay.-Podcast feed: http://flowingwithfamous.podbean.com/feed/-Flowing on Twitter, Stitcher and iTunes.

Tuesday Jun 23, 2015

Get in on some of the Fresno we talk about this episode!:The Smart & Final on Blackstone continues with some councilman vs. blogger drama.BRANDAU WATCH!: Is "River West" a cool name?Why in the hell is Granville trying to be water scientists?Band Of The Episode: Sahab.We got all the poets, yo!What is probably the best minor league baseball rivalry ever, gets very real for Fresno.Downtown Fresno: What do you want to see happen there?Use the player at the bottom of the post or click here to listen.------------------------------HOSTS: Joshua Tehee and Mikey Seay.FEED: http://flowingwithfamous.podbean.com/feed/LINKS: On Twitter, Stitcher and iTunes.

Sunday May 31, 2015

The City Of Fresno rejected a bus banner ad last week and it sent us all to Twitter and Facebook to bitch...so you know we're going to talk about that on Flowing. We also cover a lot of retail closings and openings in Fresno (Asada burittos in Fashion Fair? Yes. That works). One of us also took a trip to Yosemite and will be taking YARTS next time, me thinks. All that and more Fresno talk plus Band Of The Episode: Whitey Morgan.Direct download: FlowingWithFamousParks.mp3------------------------------HOSTS: Joshua Tehee and Mikey Seay.FEED: http://flowingwithfamous.podbean.com/feed/LINKS: On Twitter, Stitcher and iTunes.

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