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September 29, 2015  

Flowing Without FUSE Fest Or A Street Down The Fulton Mall


On this, our special International Podcast Day episode, we get Fresno with stuff like:

  • What if there was a Fresno Hater podcast?
  • Why was there no FUSE Fest this year, guys?
  • Is the Fresno Fair the best fair in California?
  • BAND OF THE EPISODE: Grizzly City Boys.
  • Granite Park is on a comeback.
  • A review of the new spot Rocket Dog.
  • The Fulton Mall is still there, Fresno.
  • Fresno State Football in a bit of trouble this season.
  • The Spanspek Festival has a nice lineup.

Hosts: Joshua Tehee and The Fresnan
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August 16, 2015  

Rowdy Roddy Piper Taco Truck Throwdown!: Flowing With Famous #


Welcome back to our Fresno talk hangout, also known as Flowing With Famous.

This episode we sorta recap this year's Taco Truck Throwdown and talk about the national attention it brought to Fresno this year. How can this event be topped?

We get into all the music coming to Fresno as we check in on how the local venues are doing.

BAND OF THE EPISODE: The Red Coats. Make sure to check out their Indie Go Go campaign.

And for the first time on Famous, the story of Rowdy Roddy Piper's wild Fresno party night.

Click to listen!: RowdyTacoTruckThrowdownFWF.mp3


May 31, 2015  

More Fresno Parks and Less Urban Outfitters Sounds Good To Me: Flowing With Famous #R49


The City Of Fresno rejected a bus banner ad last week and it sent us all to Twitter and Facebook to bitch...so you know we're going to talk about that on Flowing. We also cover a lot of retail closings and openings in Fresno (Asada burittos in Fashion Fair? Yes. That works). One of us also took a trip to Yosemite and will be taking YARTS next time, me thinks. All that and more Fresno talk plus Band Of The Episode: Whitey Morgan.

Direct download: FlowingWithFamousParks.mp3

HOSTS: Joshua Tehee and Mikey Seay.
FEED: https://flowingwithfamous.podbean.com/feed/
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May 18, 2015  

Flowing With Manchester Center: FWF#R48


Listen for these:

A couple big Vons in Fresno are closing and Mikey cries. Manchester Center might be getting a makeover. New stuff at Fresno State. Are Fresno's parks being forgotten in Fresno's new budget? A William Saroyan hangout is closing. Fresno's Meet Me In Montauk is played. Is The Fresno Police Department really doing community outreach? Steve Brandau be acting crazy again.

Alllll that Fresno and more on a new Flowing With Famous:

DIRECT DOWNLOADManchesterCenterRebootFWF.mp3


HOSTS: Joshua Tehee and Mikey Seay.

FEED: https://flowingwithfamous.podbean.com/feed/

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April 27, 2015  

Flowing Against Blackstone: Floiwng With Famous #R47


Should we stop singing the Flowing Theme Song? Smart & Final moves on to a different part of Fresno. We are not a good bike city and that doesn't sit well. The Grizzlies are still killing it in the promotion department and Sacramento is getting a taste. And we can't NOT talk about the Fulton Mall, can we?

LISTEN: FlowingAgainstBlackstone.mp3


HOSTS: Joshua Tehee and Mike Seay.
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FEEDPodcast Feed.

April 6, 2015  

Flowing With Stone Foxes In Fresno: FWF #R46


Fresno gives us so much to talk about, even lets us go on Van Halen tangents.

This episode of Flowing touches on the State Of Downtown dinner thingy, the story behind Van Halen not playing Save Mart Center, developers of a new Smart and Final trying to ignore Fresno and its General Plan, Charlotte's Bakery closing and Dusty Buns moving, Fresno PD mic-ing areas of Fresno to hear gunfire, the Deputy Police Chief and more! 

Plus, the Band Of The Episode is The Stone Foxes.

DIRECT DOWNLOADStateOfDowntown46.mp3

HOSTS: Joshua Tehee and Mike Seay.
LINKS: On iTunes and Stitcher and Twitter.
FEEDPodcast Feed.

March 23, 2015  

Flowing With Famous Trolls: Flowing With Famous #R45


It's been too long for our Fresno talk. Lets get it going now with:

  • Fresno Famous is back in two different ways.
  • Dave and Busters, yo!
  • Foie Gras is in the Fresno area, should we protest?
  • A movie called "Fresno" is out, is this a good thing?
  • BANDS Of The Episode: Blaze and Sounds & Sciences.
  • All of Fresno is gity over Classic Hip-Hop 105.5 and so are we.
  • You can get a $15.00 cup of coffee on the Fulton Mall.
  • Mikey has become a Troll?
  • Plugging our Fresno-ness.
DIRECT DOWNLOAD: FlowingWithFoieGras45.mp3
(Or listen with player at bottom of post)

HOSTS: Joshua Tehee and Mike Seay.

LINKS: On iTunes and Stitcher and Twitter.

November 16, 2014  

Tunneling To Fresno: Flowing With Famous #39


Fresno. We talkin' 'bout it. Fresno stuff like this:

  • Is the air so bad that Josh may tone down his biking? 
  • Radio gets more local as New Rock 104.1 and The Fox get bought up and is moving downtown. 
  • Is High Speed Rail destroying Fresno's Chinatown Tunnels
  • Band Of The Episode: Sharks Of Dance.
  • The Fresno Bee's Peoples Choice Awards is back. What's your favorite Taco Bell spot Mexican food place?
  • We attempt to tackle Net Neutrality (because podcasting). 
Thanks for the listen! Tell all the Fresnans about us, yeah?
HOSTSJoshua Tehee and Mike Seay.
INFO: Floiwng on iTunes. Flowing on Twitter.
Direct Download: FlowingWithFamous39.mp3
November 3, 2014  

Measure Z Is Still Cool. Chukchansi? Not So Much: Flowing With Famous #38


Playing Fresno catch-up here as we finally weigh in on the Chukchansi controversy. Jen Lipp is leaving KMJ/Fresno and takes some shots as she leaves. We may all be done with the goofy-ass local political ads. Is Measure Z still awesome? Strange Vine is the Band Of The Episode! A local Principle gets weird, a Fresnan rules on Jimmy Kimell, and what the hell was that smell in Fresno?

HOSTSJoshua Tehee and Mikey Seay
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September 1, 2014  

Flowing With Fresno Ice Buckets: FWF #35


The Fulton Mall is 50 and we go after it right off - Woolworths was pimpin'! The "Fresno 40" is finally getting developed. Fresno City Council fails to invest in Fresno's future. The Chief accepts the Ice Bucket Challenge...shirtless. Is anybody going to live in the high-rise apartmenting of the old Security Bank Building? Is downtown Fresno DTF? All this and a music break from the Long Black Veils!

Listen to the Fresnoness.

HOSTSJoshua Tehee and Mikey Seay

LINKS: Flowing With Famous is on iTunes and Stitcher - just search 'em up and subscribe. A niceiTunes review would be killer. We're also on Twitter!

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