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Monday Feb 04, 2019

Something different for Flowing listeners this month. We went on another local podcast, Two Guys Talkin' Fresno, hosted by Craig Scharton and Paul Swearigin. We decided to post it as a Flowing episode because it's so Fresno, ya know?
Just four dudes showing off their Fresno knowledge. We pull Craig and Paul into our Fresno talk vortex of pizza, Fulton Mall, Highway 99, podcasting, Fresno music and a whole other buncha stuff.
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Monday Mar 05, 2018

Hey there, Fresno culture lover! Here are some things to listen for in this month's show.
We breakdown the article about how "backwater" Fresno might be becoming the next Austin.
Also, we try to decide if a brewery at Herndon & 99 is a good thing, figure out if we should be seeing more action on Fulton Street, wonder if we have enough money to buy a Downtown theater, discuss what beer Tioga Sequoia should be released for Fresyes Fest, and much more Fresno talk!
CLICK: MarchFlowing2018.mp31:08:07 | 31.1MB | Some Language
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Monday Nov 06, 2017

We have been waiting a couple weeks but now is our time to talk about the Fulton Street party. Lucky for us we have Roque Rodrigez and Bryan Harley from Swede Fest, to help us. What is the future of Fulton and what the hell happened during the opening?!
There will also be a big discussion about the Tower District, where it's headed, what it's doing now. Getting local coffee is easier than ever. Plus, filmmaking in Fresno, Fresno Film Festival and will Fresno ever get a multiplex Downtown, all this and more Fresno.
Band Of The Episode: The Miss Alans.
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Monday Oct 02, 2017

We've been at this a while. Talking about the Fulton Mall on Flowing With Famous. Like, a decade or something. This is the last talk about the Fulton Mall. It is Fulton Street forevermore and we are going to get our last takes in.
Speaking of Fulton, the most prominent business on Fulton, Tokyo Garden, is about to go through a major change and this needs to be addressed.
We are also going to wedge in more Fresno talk. There too many taco events in Fresno, skaters on Fulton, we talk with the Spanspek boys one last time, why the heck is Sheriff Joe in town, local Fresno landlords charging too much, and much more Fresnoing.
Band Of The Episode, Sagey.
Click to listen!: FlowingWithFamousOct2017.mp334.7MB | 1:15:59 | Fowl Language
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Monday Jul 03, 2017

Let's enjoy a July in Fresno with some hot Fresno topics!:
Shouldn't Fulton Street be finished by now?
Is there such a thing as too many Downtown Fresno coffee places?
Northeast Fresno might want to change their name to Clovis West officially so we can be done with it.
Band Of The Episode: Omar Aura.
The Foo Fighters are finally coming to Fresno.
Is the Fresno Bee "Fake News"?
How can Fresno become cooler?
There's more to get to, let's start by listening.
CLICK: FlowingWithFamousJuly17.mp3
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Tuesday Feb 07, 2017

Hello and welcome back to our little Fresno podcast, Flowing With Famous!
Our Fresno culture for February 2017 includes an evaluation of how Mayor Lee Brand has done so far, we check in with Fulton Mall Street to see how it's going, talk about Fresno's beer scene and a podcast we were on (and forgot to mention Mikey being on Spanspek).
We take music break with Band Of The Episode, John Clifton Blues Band. Talk about all the music festivals coming to Fresno and remind ourselves that Clovis Unified is still, in some ways, living in the 1930s.
Thanks for listening!
Click: FlowingWithFeb2017.mp3
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Monday Jan 02, 2017

The cool stuff to talk about in Fresno from 2016, that's what this episode is about! We call it the... Flowing With Famous ... top thingy Fresno awards, or something!
It's all the cool and nerdy Fresno stuff from 2016: Twitter wars, Fulton Street Malls, music, food, media folk, and things, THINGS!
Bands Of The Year may or may not be: Light Thieves, Beastmaker, Sagey.
CLICK TO LISTEN: FlowingInto2017.mp3
30.1MB || 1:05:30 || Fowl Language!
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Monday Nov 07, 2016

Welcome to your super loaded Fresno talk for November! And this month, there are guests!
Bryan & Roque from Swedefest, Fresno Filmworks and CMAC join Flowing, to Fresno with us. We get to some things like:
Swedefest (go make your Swede right now!).Fulton Street Mall. What is it looking like, what would you like to see on the new Fulton Street.Dave & Busters and new retail in Fresno.Favorite Central Coast spots.MUSIC BREAKS: Werebear! (new album out in December)The future Mayor of Fresno.Stories of Mayor Swear and how she did.Local Twiter wars. An Indiana Jones secret mancave in Fresno.And tons more Fresno-ing!
CLICK TO LISTEN: FlowingInNovemeber.mp3
 43.9MB || 1:37:00 || Language 
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Monday Sep 05, 2016

Fresno's only podcast about Fresno is back with ... Fresno ... things. Your September episode is filled with things like:What is REALLY Fall in Fresno?Fulton Street is becoming a real thing.Is there tension between Tower People and Downtown Fresnans?Some controversy with shows at Dynamite Vinyl.Geeking out about Fresno newsletters (Subscribe to the Morning Scoop!).Fresno has a party bike now! - seems we're finally catching up to ... Sacramento. Band Of The Episode: Beastmaker.The Spanspek Festival is almost here!Getting the right kind of acts for the Fresno Fair is tough.Rick Bentley gets some crazy calls from Fresno Bee readers.What happened to my Orange Julius!?And we play the new game sweeping the city: "What Would You Edit Out Of Fresno?"! Thanks for listening! Tell a Fresno hater or lover about us!
CLICK TO LISTEN!: FlowingWithSeptember.mp3
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Monday Aug 01, 2016

August in Fresno is here and we have things to talk about.
The "Summer Sweat" festival and using Fresno's heat as a badge of honor.The Fulton Mall Street is getting some sidewalk action but the businesses are not.City Council folk getting craze on Twitter.Band Of The Episode: From Indian Lakes.A documentary about the band Fugazi called "Floradora" is coming out and it was filmed in Fresno.Beer is coming to Fresno theaters, what could go wrong?New food spots are open in town and worth checking out.Who is going to clean up the Fresno freeways?Click to listen!!: FlowingWithAugust2016.mp3
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