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Fresno Is Not For Tourists

Monday Jun 06, 2022

Monday Jun 06, 2022

Welcome to your monthly look a Fresno culture. This week we mention some things like:
Fresno On Next Door.
Heat is coming and can you take it?
Fresno is for working not for tourists.
Band Of The Episode: Great Northern.
Bands using Fresno as a home base.
A historic Fresno burger.
Some love for Great Day!
And much more!
DOWNLOADABLE: FlowingWithFamousJune22.mp3
(Occasional cussing alert!)
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Monday Aug 05, 2019

Taco Season is here for Fresno! Wait... it's always Taco Season in Fresno. But this month especially, as the annual Taco Truck Throwdown is happening. We talk a little about this, what should be ON a taco, Fresno celebs, Bullard area school trouble, Pliny The Elder is coming to town, and all kinds of other Fresno junk.
Have a listen: FlowingAugust2019.mp3
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Monday Mar 05, 2018

Hey there, Fresno culture lover! Here are some things to listen for in this month's show.
We breakdown the article about how "backwater" Fresno might be becoming the next Austin.
Also, we try to decide if a brewery at Herndon & 99 is a good thing, figure out if we should be seeing more action on Fulton Street, wonder if we have enough money to buy a Downtown theater, discuss what beer Tioga Sequoia should be released for Fresyes Fest, and much more Fresno talk!
CLICK: MarchFlowing2018.mp31:08:07 | 31.1MB | Some Language
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Monday Apr 03, 2017

Some of the April Fresno stuff we get into: 
Josh has a review of FresYesFest.
Fresno will be getting an Ale Trail, bro.
Olive Garden is coming to Fresno and we debate if this is a good thing. 
Should the Mayor chill out on the legal pot in Fresno? 
Alton Brown thinks our tacos are legit.
Fresno has a big opportunity to get a major convention to move to Fresno, let's get on it.
Niilo has a new album.
Band Of The Episode: Supreme Jubilees.
Click to listen: FlowingWithApril.mp3
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Tuesday Feb 07, 2017

Hello and welcome back to our little Fresno podcast, Flowing With Famous!
Our Fresno culture for February 2017 includes an evaluation of how Mayor Lee Brand has done so far, we check in with Fulton Mall Street to see how it's going, talk about Fresno's beer scene and a podcast we were on (and forgot to mention Mikey being on Spanspek).
We take music break with Band Of The Episode, John Clifton Blues Band. Talk about all the music festivals coming to Fresno and remind ourselves that Clovis Unified is still, in some ways, living in the 1930s.
Thanks for listening!
Click: FlowingWithFeb2017.mp3
31.2Mb || 1:08:16 || Some Language
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Monday Jan 02, 2017

The cool stuff to talk about in Fresno from 2016, that's what this episode is about! We call it the... Flowing With Famous ... top thingy Fresno awards, or something!
It's all the cool and nerdy Fresno stuff from 2016: Twitter wars, Fulton Street Malls, music, food, media folk, and things, THINGS!
Bands Of The Year may or may not be: Light Thieves, Beastmaker, Sagey.
CLICK TO LISTEN: FlowingInto2017.mp3
30.1MB || 1:05:30 || Fowl Language!
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Tuesday Jul 05, 2016

This month, we can't stop talking about Fresno Summers as we get into Fresno being on another National list (but in a good way this time), a couple of our favorite Fresno City Council members (favorite to talk about, at least) get into some social media trouble, a speech about Bullard and its woes makes the paper, Fresno is getting some interesting craft beer spots, and more Fresnoness!
CLICK TO LISTEN: FlowingWithFamousJuly2016.mp3
24.5 | 53:40 | Mild Language 
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Monday Apr 04, 2016

It's the first Monday of the month so it's time for a new Flowing. This episode we revisit the Fulton Mall groundbreaking and our feelings for that day. We stay in Downtown Fresno and talk about the Culture Arts District and if South Stadium is a good name for that area of Downtown.
The Audie's Olympic era has closed and we reminisce about the historic Tower District music club which leads us into the Band Of The Episode: Let's Go Bowling. 
The playing of Let's Go Bowling sparks yet another version of the game: What's The Greatest Music Act In Fresno History?
We then talk about last month's Fresyes Fest at Tioga and how we may be getting too old and if there a culture shift in Fresno nightlife. Plus Josh saw Justin Beiber... so that happened.
CLICK AND LISTEN: BieberStreetFlowing.mp3
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Hosted: Joshua Tehee and The Fresnan.

Tuesday Dec 29, 2015

We say goodbye to 2015 as we choose some of our favorite stories from life in Fresno this past year. Best restaurant, news story, creative person...beer, ALL the things we think were interesting.Also, we take a look at what we expect to see in Fresno for 2016!Direct Download: FlowingAwayFrom2015.mp3KEY LINKS:Hosted by Joshua Tehee and The Fresnan.Show feed: Flowing With Famous.Flowing on: Twitter, Stitchers and iTunes.

Monday Jul 13, 2015

We think about Fresno stuff all the time. Here is where we record our thoughts. It's a new Flowing With Famous. We have totally been thinking about stuff like this:The Fresno Police have a new toy to work with and it calls the shots.All the new retail and beer stuff in Fresno.Music happenings.What's got blowed up in Fresno on the 4th of July.Fresno is pretty sorta decent at being friendly to beards.Click to listen: ShotCallerFamous.mp3KEY LINKS:-Music break by It'll Grow Back.-Hosted by Joshua Tehee and Mikey Seay.-Podcast feed: http://flowingwithfamous.podbean.com/feed/-Flowing on Twitter, Stitcher and iTunes.

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