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February 1, 2021  

Adventure Fresno - Flowing With Famous for Feb 2021


We got through a crazy-ace January and we are here to talk about it as look forward to February in Fresno. Some of the things we touch on in this episode:

  • Snow pants.
  • Updating what is happening with the Tower Theatre and Adventure Church.
  • The Rainbow Ballroom.
  • How Mayor Dyer is doing so far.
  • Ray Appleton and his mouth.
  • Lockdown open-up in Fresno.
  • Band Of The Episode: S. E Hudson.
  • And many more things!

Click to download the episode: FlowingFeb2021.mp3

(Occasional Cussing)

Thanks for listening!

*Picture from @basslakeca on Instagram.

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January 18, 2016  

Flowing With The Ahwahnee Hotel: Flowing With Famous #R60


Oh man. The Fulton Mall Street drama keeps giving us an excuse to talk about Downtown Fresno and the Fulton Mall - may be one of the last times we talk about the Fulton Mall and not Fulton Street.

We also break down the whole business with Yosemite being sorta forced to change the name of The Ahwahnee Hotel. We play Band of the Episode: The Wee Beasties and talk about illegal gambling inside a local 97 cent store.
AND how Flowing With Famous is linked to a local porn store.
(also a player at the bottom of the post)


Hosted by Joshua Tehee and The Fresnan.

Show feed: Flowing With Famous.

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May 31, 2015  

More Fresno Parks and Less Urban Outfitters Sounds Good To Me: Flowing With Famous #R49


The City Of Fresno rejected a bus banner ad last week and it sent us all to Twitter and Facebook to bitch...so you know we're going to talk about that on Flowing. We also cover a lot of retail closings and openings in Fresno (Asada burittos in Fashion Fair? Yes. That works). One of us also took a trip to Yosemite and will be taking YARTS next time, me thinks. All that and more Fresno talk plus Band Of The Episode: Whitey Morgan.

Direct download: FlowingWithFamousParks.mp3

HOSTS: Joshua Tehee and Mikey Seay.
FEED: https://flowingwithfamous.podbean.com/feed/
LINKS: On Twitter, Stitcher and iTunes.

June 1, 2014  

The White Towers Of River Park: Flowing With Famous #30


New Flowing, new Fresno talk:

  • Podcast nerd talk.
  • The changes in River Park's "skyline" with the H & M opening and more new retail for Fresno.
  • Could Fresno support a permanent location for food trucks?
  • Fulton Mall has new places to go.
  • Grocery store talk? Okayyyy.
  • BAND OF THE EPISODE: Fierce Creatures.
  • How are the arena shows doing in Fresno?
  • Can you actually see Half Dome from the Central Valley?
  • Fresno DA battles.
  • Plug it.
  • Too many craft beer festivals?


HOSTS: Joshua Tehee and Mikey Seay

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