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General Plan 2035


Monday Feb 07, 2022

Welcome to Fresno's monthly culture podcast, Flowing With Famous!
This month we touch on:
Bike riding in Fresno.
The Culture Arts District and the Mural District.
South Of Shaw Brewing.
Tokyo Garden returning?
Band Of The Episode: Valley Palace.
Fresyes Festival returns.
The Rogue Fest returns.
Porch Fest returns.
Fresno Skateboard Salvage.
These and other Fresno things!
Thank you for checking out the show. We really appreciate it!
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(Some cussing in this episode)
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Flowing With Andrew Janz

Monday Jan 06, 2020

Monday Jan 06, 2020

Hey, look at us. After 15 or so years we decided to go legit. Today with have Fresno Mayor Candidate, Andrew Janz, in the studio.
We ask him the Fresno things, he tells us his Fresno things. Most of the stuff a Flowing listener might want to do we hope you enjoy! 
CLICK: FlowingWithAndrewJanz.mp3
Thank you for listening!
Josh's other podcast Aikido Discussed. Josh at the Fresno Bee and his bands: It'll Grow Back, Big Balls and the Strikingly Originals. 
Check Mike's blogs The Fresnan and Mikey Top Pour. Plus the podcasts Get Off My Podcast, The Perfect Pour and Dorktown.

Monday Jan 07, 2019

We had a year, Fresno. That year was 2018. We will look back at some cool or crappy things. 
THEN, we look at some things Fresno is facing in 2019. It's a packed show filled with Yosemite poop so hang with us, it'll be fun!
Band Of The Episode!: The Eros. 
CLICK TO LISTEN: JanuaryFresno2019.mp3 
Thanks for listening!
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*Check out Josh at the Bee and his band, The Strikingly Originals.

Monday May 18, 2015

Listen for these:A couple big Vons in Fresno are closing and Mikey cries. Manchester Center might be getting a makeover. New stuff at Fresno State. Are Fresno's parks being forgotten in Fresno's new budget? A William Saroyan hangout is closing. Fresno's Meet Me In Montauk is played. Is The Fresno Police Department really doing community outreach? Steve Brandau be acting crazy again.Alllll that Fresno and more on a new Flowing With Famous:DIRECT DOWNLOAD: ManchesterCenterRebootFWF.mp3------------------------------HOSTS: Joshua Tehee and Mikey Seay.FEED: http://flowingwithfamous.podbean.com/feed/LINKS: On Twitter, Stitcher and iTunes.

Monday Apr 27, 2015

Should we stop singing the Flowing Theme Song? Smart & Final moves on to a different part of Fresno. We are not a good bike city and that doesn't sit well. The Grizzlies are still killing it in the promotion department and Sacramento is getting a taste. And we can't NOT talk about the Fulton Mall, can we?LISTEN: FlowingAgainstBlackstone.mp3BAND OF THE EPISODE: Richfield.--------HOSTS: Joshua Tehee and Mike Seay.LINKS: On iTunes and Stitcher and Twitter.FEED: Podcast Feed.

Monday Apr 06, 2015

Fresno gives us so much to talk about, even lets us go on Van Halen tangents.This episode of Flowing touches on the State Of Downtown dinner thingy, the story behind Van Halen not playing Save Mart Center, developers of a new Smart and Final trying to ignore Fresno and its General Plan, Charlotte's Bakery closing and Dusty Buns moving, Fresno PD mic-ing areas of Fresno to hear gunfire, the Deputy Police Chief and more! Plus, the Band Of The Episode is The Stone Foxes.DIRECT DOWNLOAD: StateOfDowntown46.mp3--------HOSTS: Joshua Tehee and Mike Seay.LINKS: On iTunes and Stitcher and Twitter.FEED: Podcast Feed.

Monday Dec 22, 2014

Fresno did it. We've got our General Plan 2035 in place (no thanks to a certain Fresno Councilman *cough* BRANDAU). We recorded this moments after the General Plan was voted in, so obviously its a big topic this episode. Oh and you know we are going to talk about Brandau calling people pansies and speaking for big-lot-loving-Fresnans everywhere.We also play some Swimming In Paint and talk more Fresno. Thanks for listening! HOSTS: Joshua Tehee and Mike Seay.INFO: Floiwng on iTunes. Flowing on Twitter.CONTACT: thefresnan@gmail.comPlay it below:

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