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March 1, 2021  

Just Blazin’ In The Big Raisin is all


We are Fresno-ing the bloody heck out of Fresno with things like:

  • The Great North animates Fresno.
  • Is Ag money helping the city of Fresno?
  • Is The Glen development a good thing?
  • Updating the Tower Theatre drama.
  • Band Of The Episode: New Old Man.
  • Barbhop.
  • When will live music return?
  • The Peoples Choice Awards!

Download: FlowingFamousMarch2021.mp3

Heads-Up: Occasional Cussing

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January 2, 2017  

Best Stuff From Fresno 2016 and a Look Into 2017: Flowing With Famous - Fresno Podcast


The cool stuff to talk about in Fresno from 2016, that's what this episode is about! We call it the... Flowing With Famous ... top thingy Fresno awards, or something!

It's all the cool and nerdy Fresno stuff from 2016: Twitter wars, Fulton Street Malls, music, food, media folk, and things, THINGS!

Bands Of The Year may or may not be: Light Thieves, Beastmaker, Sagey.


CLICK TO LISTEN: FlowingInto2017.mp3

30.1MB || 1:05:30 || Fowl Language!


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August 16, 2015  

Rowdy Roddy Piper Taco Truck Throwdown!: Flowing With Famous #


Welcome back to our Fresno talk hangout, also known as Flowing With Famous.

This episode we sorta recap this year's Taco Truck Throwdown and talk about the national attention it brought to Fresno this year. How can this event be topped?

We get into all the music coming to Fresno as we check in on how the local venues are doing.

BAND OF THE EPISODE: The Red Coats. Make sure to check out their Indie Go Go campaign.

And for the first time on Famous, the story of Rowdy Roddy Piper's wild Fresno party night.

Click to listen!: RowdyTacoTruckThrowdownFWF.mp3


October 6, 2014  

Mayor Swear Bear, Fresno Grizzlies, Spanspek and Yelling At Traffic Reports: Flowing With Famous #37


We play catch-up on some Fresno news as we break down the Fresno Grizzlies losing the SF Giants and gaining Astros. Also!: Fresno continues to make crappy lists, Mayor Swear Bear says yes to same-sex marriage, we hit up some new Fresno restaurants and Mikey rants about Fresno traffic "reports". We also have a music break with Slow Season and talk about Spanspek Festival (October 17th - you should totally go to this!).

HOSTSJoshua Tehee and Mikey Seay
LINKS: Flowing With Famous is on iTunes and Stitcher - just search 'em up and subscribe. A nice iTunes review would be killer. We're also on Twitter
June 1, 2014  

The White Towers Of River Park: Flowing With Famous #30


New Flowing, new Fresno talk:

  • Podcast nerd talk.
  • The changes in River Park's "skyline" with the H & M opening and more new retail for Fresno.
  • Could Fresno support a permanent location for food trucks?
  • Fulton Mall has new places to go.
  • Grocery store talk? Okayyyy.
  • BAND OF THE EPISODE: Fierce Creatures.
  • How are the arena shows doing in Fresno?
  • Can you actually see Half Dome from the Central Valley?
  • Fresno DA battles.
  • Plug it.
  • Too many craft beer festivals?


HOSTS: Joshua Tehee and Mikey Seay

LINKS: Flowing With Famous is on iTunes and Stitcher - just search 'em up and subscribe. A nice iTunes review would be killer. We're also on Twitter!

April 30, 2013  

Cranking Tractors - Flowing With Famous #12

Flowing is back with a rumbly tummy, Producer Becky and Fresno culture talking, with stuff like:

  • Fresno needs to fence off Clovis.
  • Sold out shows.
  • More Fresno Grizzlies.
  • Does Starline have new owners?
  • The Dusty Buns bus-bailout.
  • Hey, it's more Fulton Mall talk.
  • Band Of The Episode: Light Thieves.
  • Plug it up.

*Hosts: Joshua Tehee and Mikey Seay. Audio editing by Reid May.

*Flowing With Famous is also on iTunes and Stitcher for those that like listening options - just search 'em up and subscribe. A nice iTunes review would be hella appreciated. We're also on Twitter!

Listen here:

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