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Monday Mar 07, 2022

Welcome back to Fresno's First Podcast, Flowing With Famous.
This month we talk about a couple of Fresno festivals happening this month, one of them happening NOW (Rogue Festival) even though we might have said another time - because we recorded earlier than usual. Anyway, SOME of the things:
The Rogue Festival is back!
Do we want any of these restaurant chains in town?
We lost Dugout Cookies.
Fresno burgers: where are the best?
Band Of The Episode: Fatty Cakes & the Puff Pastries!
Mike Oz is a Fresno gem.
Memory Map: Blackstone & Shaw.
These things and more.
DOWNLOAD: FlowingWithMarch22.mp3(Heads-up: there might be a cuss word here and there)
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Mikey's new newsletter: Fresno! Fresno! and: Drinking & Thinking.
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Monday Mar 06, 2017

Welcome to this month's Flowing, Fresno's podcast about ... Fresno!
We get into some Fresno stuff, as always. Stuff like:
It seems some Fresno people think Trump travels up and down the 99.
The Rogue Festival is happening.
A surprising vote for more trails in Fresno.
Fresno needs to keep up the good work on being urban.
The Light Thieves have a new album coming out.
Steak and Shake is now a Fresno thing.
We have to get better about staying in our seats at concerts.
All that Fresno-ing and more!
Click to listen: FlowingWithMarch2017.mp325.4MB || 55:33 || Some fowl language
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Monday Sep 05, 2016

Fresno's only podcast about Fresno is back with ... Fresno ... things. Your September episode is filled with things like:What is REALLY Fall in Fresno?Fulton Street is becoming a real thing.Is there tension between Tower People and Downtown Fresnans?Some controversy with shows at Dynamite Vinyl.Geeking out about Fresno newsletters (Subscribe to the Morning Scoop!).Fresno has a party bike now! - seems we're finally catching up to ... Sacramento. Band Of The Episode: Beastmaker.The Spanspek Festival is almost here!Getting the right kind of acts for the Fresno Fair is tough.Rick Bentley gets some crazy calls from Fresno Bee readers.What happened to my Orange Julius!?And we play the new game sweeping the city: "What Would You Edit Out Of Fresno?"! Thanks for listening! Tell a Fresno hater or lover about us!
CLICK TO LISTEN!: FlowingWithSeptember.mp3
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Saturday May 10, 2014

We double-booked the Fresno on this one. Roque and Bryan from Swede Fest visit the studio to talk about the upcoming Swede Fest. Plus we discuss the rise of the Swede Fest, it's place in Fresno culture and the many celebrities encounters the Fresno festival has provided. That's not all as we force them into normal Flowing Fresno talk like Creative Fresno, Mayor Swear and much more!------------
HOSTS: Joshua Tehee and Mikey Seay
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Sunday Aug 11, 2013

Finally we review Catacomb Party. Not only was there a Taco Truck throwdown there was a old fashioned 'blog war' post on The Beehive that relates. We talk about that and the closing/re-opening of the Fresno Brewing Company, we have a Band Of The Episode (Sahab), the Flag tour hitting Strummers and more!*Hosts: Joshua Tehee and Mikey Seay. Audio editing by Reid May.
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