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March 7, 2022  

Flowing Rogue With Fresno Chains - Flowing With Famous March 2022

March 7, 2022


Welcome back to Fresno's First Podcast, Flowing With Famous.

This month we talk about a couple of Fresno festivals happening this month, one of them happening NOW (Rogue Festival) even though we might have said another time - because we recorded earlier than usual. Anyway, SOME of the things:

  • The Rogue Festival is back!
  • Do we want any of these restaurant chains in town?
  • We lost Dugout Cookies.
  • Fresno burgers: where are the best?
  • Band Of The Episode: Fatty Cakes & the Puff Pastries!
  • Mike Oz is a Fresno gem.
  • Memory Map: Blackstone & Shaw.
  • These things and more.

DOWNLOAD: FlowingWithMarch22.mp3
(Heads-up: there might be a cuss word here and there)

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