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September 7, 2020  

Are These REALLY Fresno’s Favorite Restaurants?

September 7, 2020


We are back with Fresno's Oldest everything podcast. Here are some things we breakdown.

  • Is this really the Ten Favorite Restaurants of Fresno? We go over the Fresno Bee's list to see how accurate it is.
  • Whatcha think of the new building proposed in Downtown Fresno? (CVS spot)
  • Tower District has some new things coming, are they good?
  • Why does the Fresno Airport get crapped on?
  • How is virtual school working out at FUSD?
  • Is the Fresno Bee really running without an office?

Band Of The Episode is: Squid Ink.

Much love and respect to everyone dealing with the Creek Fire around Shaver right now. Thank you for listening.

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