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October 27, 2012  

Flowing With Radiowaves - FWF #01

October 27, 2012

Listen for this:

Josh & Mike talk about the big Fresno radio changes including KYNO's and ESPN's move. How much will we will miss the Fresno style KYNO programing and is Josh now a KMJ dude? Things get space-y when Coast To Coast is discussed. Clear Channel wants their money.

Fresno Fair and the Ultimate Fair Food Feast-Off. Are the music acts good enough?

Fresno's Metal scene, will it ever be mainstream again?

Don't bike down Herndon and biking in Fresno.

Josh & the Dinner in the Library.

Homeless people really are people, dontcha know.

Swede Fest 10 is coming.

*Pay close attention to sound engineer, Reid May's, special audioness throughout this episode!