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December 5, 2022  

A December To Remember In Fresno?


Seasons Greetings and all that stuff. It's Winter. It's Fresno. We talk about it:

  • There has been some legit weather lately.
  • Why are we not known more for being a mountain city?
  • Christmas Tree Lane canceled the Walk Night again. Should they have?
  • Band Of The Episode: The Downwinders.
  • The City of Fresno looking for management help with the Tower Theatre.
  • Tower District getting some new stuff.
  • All this and more Fresno things!!

File for downloads: flowingwithdec22.mp3

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December 3, 2019  

Fresno Christmas Wishes and Swedefest


We love our yearly get together with Bryan and Roque to talk about their annual (and unique to Fresno) film festival at Tower Theatre called, Swede Fest.

Roque and Bryan also talk some classic Flowing Fresno stuff with us. The big question Josh likes to ask Fresno this time of year is "what would you like Santa to bring for Fresno this year?" The answers may surprise.

Also, where is a good place to shoot some video or film in the Fresno area? Is Cross Streets coming back? Have you been to the new spot cool spot in the Tower District? All this a much more this month on Flowing.

Don't forget Band Of The Episode: Scoundrel.

*Sorry for the sometimes lame sound quality of this episode, it is totally Mikey's fault.

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: FlowingWithDecember2019.mp3

Thank you for listening!

Josh's other podcast Aikido Discussed. Josh at the Fresno Bee and his bands: It'll Grow Back, Big Balls and the Strikingly Originals

Check Mike's blogs The Fresnan and Mikey Top Pour. Plus the podcasts Get Off My PodcastThe Perfect Pour and Dorktown.

December 4, 2017  

Does Fresno Need A Music Hall Of Fame: Flowing With Famous - December 2017

It's December in Fresno and we here at Flowing have questions.

  • Do you shop at Fashion Fair for Christmas?
  • Do you even go North of Clinton?
  • Parades? Do You go to Fresno Christmas parades?
  • Do you go down Christmas Tree Lane?
  • Have you been to HOP PK yet?
  • Did you see the Foo Fighters at Save Mart?
  • Should Fresno have a Music Hall Of Fame?
  • Is Fresno making the right move with Amazon?

These questions and many more Fresno things will be answered in this episode.

Band Of The Episode: Meet Me In Montauk.

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD: FlowingWithFresnoDecember.mp3
Heads up!: Occasional cuss word.

Thank you for listening!

Check out Josh at FresnoBeehive.com and @joshuatehee.
Check out Mike at TheFresnan.com and @thefresnan.


December 8, 2014  

From The Armpit Of America: Flowing With Famous #40


The highs and lows of Fresno. We go through them all on Flowing With Famous (mostly the highs). This episode is no different.

We talk about the Holidays in Fresno, Christmas Tree Lane and hooking up with old friends at Livingstones. A TV announcer from Hawaii called us the 'armpit of America', LuLu Lemon is coming to Fresno, FUSD teachers kickass over all other California teachers. Plus, we actually get kinda serious and talk about how Ferguson relates to Fresno.
All this and we play a song from the Band Of The Episode: From Indian Lakes.

Listen to Flowing With Famous: FlowingWithFamous40.mp3

(or use the player at the bottom)

Thanks for the listen! Tell all the Fresnans about us, yeah?
HOSTSJoshua Tehee and Mike Seay.
INFO: Floiwng on iTunes. Flowing on Twitter.
Play it below:
December 9, 2013  

Flowing With Gang Bangers - Flowing With Famous #22

We are back with the Fresno-ness as we get kinda sorta serious and talk about Fresno's Bulldog gangs...yep. Does our Police Chief suck or is he keeping us from total gang rule? We also tackle Downtown parking, Christmas in Fresno, play some new stuff from Sparklejet, and find out how old of a Fresnan you are...it'll make more sense if you just listen!

HOSTS: Joshua Tehee and Mikey Seay
LINKS: Flowing With Famous is on iTunes and Stitcher - just search 'em up and subscribe. A nice iTunes review would be killer. We're also on Twitter!
SPONSORS: Make sure to drink local!: Tioga Sequoia.

Click below to listen!:

December 7, 2012  

Flowing With X-Mas: Flowing With Famous #4

Talkin' new and old Fresno music venues and parking lot shoot-ups, Mayor Swear, Bill-Mac sightings, the Fresno's Bee's new online pay structure, Christmas Tree Lane and more Fresnoness.

Hosts: Joshua Tehee and Mikey Seay. Audio editing by Reid May.

Flowing With Famous is also on iTunes and Stitcher for those that like listening options. Just search 'em up and subscribe. By the way, a nice iTunes review would be hella appreciated.

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