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March 5, 2019  

Fresno In March 2019: Flowing With Famous Fresno Podcast


We are back talking about all the Fresno stuff we like to talk about.

  • A Fresno Councilman is out there actin' a fool.
  • Kids Day is here!
  • The Grizzlies have a new look and everything is going to be okay.
  • Rogue Fest is happening!
  • There is a lineup for this year's Grizzlyfest and Fresyes Fest and we talk about both.
  • Fresnans are lining up for an hour to get BBcue from a gas station.

This and more stuff and things.

Even though you don't hear them on the episode, the Band Of The Episode is Boom Boom Brady.

CLICK TO LISTEN: FlowingMarch2019.mp3

Check out Josh on his other podcast Aikido Discussed, at the Fresno Bee and his bands: It'll Grow Back, Big Balls and the Strikingly Originals. 

Check out Mikey at The Fresnan and his other podcasts and junk.

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