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November 19, 2012  

Flowing With Ice Rinks - FWF #3

This week Josh & Mikey take on Fresno culture topics:

Super special sounds provided by Reid May. Head's up: There's a bit of cussing in this one.

November 4, 2012  

Swede-ing With Famous - FWF #2

Local filmmakers, Bryan Harley and Roque Rodriguez, come by to talk about their film festival, Swede Fest X. We get to the history of the festival and film-making in Fresno. Plus there's somehow a lot of Firebaugh talk.

(Josh wasn't able to make it so Lefty Brown for the Married Gamers fills in as co-host.)

Flowing With Famous is also on iTunes and Stitcher for those that like listening options. Just search 'em up and subscribe. By the way, a nice iTunes review would be hella appreciated.

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